About the Company

Techniprot was established in 1955 on the basis and tradition of Pruszków craftsmanship and its business name originated from prototype technology. The difficult unique production of small-series prototypes was always the aim of the plant. Such factors as tradition, professional and experienced personnel, private property and great production potential contribute to our wide-ranging offer of products used in modern central heating and water installations. Techniprot Company, was the first company in Poland in 1991 to began production of distributors and currently is the uncontested leader in their production. From the start we focused on quality and a variety of constructional and workmanship solutions in order to meet requirements of even the most exacting customers. We offer products with indispensable quality studies, characteristics, opinions and technical approvals. Our products guarantee reliability and functionality, whereas professional and courteous staff warrant sound cooperation with our customers.

Features distinguishing Techniprot distributors

  • A vast majority of distributors is made of M-63 lead-free brass pipes. This sort of brass does not discharge lead oxides which unfavorably affect the reliability and durability of the installation.
  • Unique technology of producing holes for round-pipe beam fittings which consists in bulging the original material outwards and inwards, thus extending the shank length to 6 threads and ensuring a reliable connection.
  • All seals are made from the rubber EPDM 70
  • Distributor bars for holders are fastened by use of a rubber insert suppressant, or soft polyethylene, depending on the type of distributor.
  • The high accuracy and aesthetics of the manufacture of component parts and the long lasting shine distinguishes our distributors from others.
  • A label on the bar advises that after installation every distributor is checked under a pressure of 8 bariums.
  • A hydraulic sketch appears on distributors, drawn by the Instytut Ogrzewnictwa i Wentylacji P.W (Institute of Heating and Ventilation).
  • At a customer's request, valves and connectors are fitted by use of a glue special for metal. Gluing allows tightening and unscrewing connectors without the necessity to use a spanner, and is additional assurance that the connection has been sealed.
  • Every distributor is packed separately in a heavy-duty cardboard box. The packaging also protects the distributor during transport, while stored, and while on building sites. Printing on the packaging informs the customer of the type and origin of the distributor.
  • Diversity of solutions and performances allow the installation's designers and investors to optimal distributors selection in respect of construction, production and price.
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